Structural engineering design and analysis

About Us

Established in 1992, Philip Jepson Associates can provide you with a wide range of engineering design and assessment services.

If you are looking for structural engineering design for a residential premises, we can help. We have vast experience ranging from multi-million pound projects to small domestic extensions.

Maybe you have an existing building that is showing signs of movement? We can undertake inspections and prepare reports on structural defects such as cracks or distortions that may be present in walls, roofs or floors.

Need advice regarding the foundations of your proposed project? Call us to see how our site investigations can benefit you.

  • Structural engineering design

    We can assist in ensuring your designs are structurally sound.

  • Inspection and reporting

    We can find any structural defects within your building.

  • Site investigations

    During the early stages of development for the foundation design.

  • Assessment

    Assessing the structural condition of your existing building.

  • CAD Drawings

    Structural CAD drawings to assist with your project.